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Missing wiki page: Disconnect

Hello, The documentation on the following page seems to be missing:

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64 bit compatibility issue

I have windows 8 64 bit PC. When I monitor a printer it got hanged and said "Printermonitor need to be closed". The issue is when I fire a simple monitoring command StartWatching(printerName); it's...

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how to get network username

Sir, How to get network Username from this dll? how to stop monitor?

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Applicaion closed while adding printer to PUMA Manager

Hi, I have added server successfully and struggling on adding printer to server through PUMA Manager, i am getting error on below statment. Dim server As New PrintServer(ServerName) ...

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Not getting PrintJob Information

When running the console version of my application on Windows 8 to capture print job information the printqueuewatch dll works a well. When I put that same code into a service and run it in on wi...

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PrinterQueueWatch - event not firing on my computer

The PrinterQueueWatch events are NOT firing on my computer but they ARE working for a co worker. The computer that IS working is 32 bit and mine that is not working is 64. Is that the difference?...

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64 bit compatible version

The current code is incompatible with 64 bit windows operating systems. Need to find which part(s) of the built-in printing data structures are causing this issue and change them to the appropriate...

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Change all collections to TPL Thread safe variants

The new task parallel library has safer (and lower impedence) collection classes that have built-in thread safety. Use these in place of the explicitly locked collections currently used.

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Threading issue

I'm seeing this on a fairly regular basis:   at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentException(ExceptionResource resource) at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Bo...

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System structures too small

We're using PrintQueueWatch in a service to obtain notification of and job information for jobs submitted to our data center for printing. However, we're seeing exceptions in the trace log indicati...

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